DWP - Changing RSSO logging directory to any other directory

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    MyIT Service Broker OnDemand


    DWP 18.05 and beyond


    We need to change the default RSSO logging directory from <tomcat>/logs to any other directory


    A) Create this file <DigitalWorkplaceInstalldirectory>/DWP/DWP/rsso-log.cfg

    B) Add these lines to

      rsso.log.thread.info.on = false
    rsso.log.console.out.off = false
    rsso.log.name.format = rsso.%g.log
    rsso.log.level = INFO
    rsso.log.roll = 1
    rsso.log.limit = 10485760
    rsso.log.dir = /logs  this is the new directory that you want  the logs to be written to.
    rsso.io.tmpdir = /logs
    C) Save

    D) Edit  /opt/apache/tomcat8.5/bin/setenv.sh

      Add this line

    export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Drsso.log.cfg.file=
      <DigitalWorkplaceInstalldirectory>  /DWP/DWP/rsso-log.cfg"

    Save file
    E) Restart Tomcat


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