DWP Catalog/DWP - Marketplace Items are only visible to admins

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT Service Broker


    DWP Catalog and DWP 19.xx, 18.xx


    We have integrated DWP Catalog with DWP
    ITSM users were imported to DWP Catalog, too. As mentioned here:


    Only admin users are able to see DWP Catalog features on DWP.



    We checked the sb_user_sync.log and it turned out that the users were imported incorrectly.


    We had to re-import the users by rerunning the./user_group_sync.sh script by, deleting and recreating the files in blank:

    ./user_group_sync.sh -itsm_s bmc-itsm-sample.com -itsm_u Demo -itsm_p \"\" -itsm_a 0 -sb_s bmc-dwpcatalog-sample.com -sb_u hannah_admin@calbroservices.com -sb_p password -sb_a 9988 -sb_aw 8008 -date_file /src/data.time -lock_file /src/sb.lock -sb_group_creation none -skip_disabled true >> /var/log/sb_user_sync.log
    It looks like Putty timed out while doing this and the script never finished properly. 

    Please, use a tool or configure Putty so it does not time out while running this script. 
    If you have thousands of users, this probably will time out on Putty. 



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