TSSA/BSA: How can I pre-stage payloads in a remote site to reduce deployment times

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    TrueSight Server Automation


    TrueSight Server Automation


    I have a number of target systems in a remote site.  When I deploy payloads (software, patches, etc) to these targets, even when I'm using a repeater, the deploy can take longer than the window of time I have allotted to complete the deploy.  Is there any way to reduce the deploy time ?


    There are a couple ways to handle this situation.  Both involve mirroring the payloads to the remote site and setting up a Server Property to indicate where a server should get the payload from.  Note that for the first solution, you don't need to use a Repeater, it could be any target server local to the target systems you will deploy to with enough storage to hold the payloads being deployed. It's likely that you already have a repeater server in the remote environment and it will be convenient to use for this purpose.  For the second solution you must use a Repeater.

    For both cases create a Property in the Server class that will provide the local-to-the-target location of the payloads, typically the name of the Repeater server.  For example PAYLOAD_LOCATION.  

    For both cases setup a File Deploy Job or other type of process to synchronize the payloads across all Repeaters, somewhere outside of the Repeater cache location.  For example if you have a Patch Catalog available at //reposerver1/srv/patches/catalog1, synchronize that to /srv/patches/catalog1 to all Repeaters.  The mirroring process should be performed regularly and the payload must already be on the mirror before Deploy starts.


    When you create a Depot Software object you can   specify the location of the payload

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    If this is a Patch Catalog, then set the URL in the Catalog's Depot Object Options: 
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    In the URL, mention the Server Property you created earlier.   

    During deployment the location will be mounted/mapped by the target server and the payload directly accessed.    

    Copy to Agent at Staging

    This solution is similar to the above, however the Repeater must be used as the mirror location.  Everything is the same as the above, except you use the   Copy to Agent at Staging URL type instead of   Agent Mount.   

    When the Deploy runs in this case, the payload is copied locally from the mirror location on the Repeater, to the Repeater staging directory and then to the target server.  This depends on a product change described in DRBLG-119081 which is available in and later. 


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