Remedy Smart Reporting - How to enable Geo Packs

Version 3
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Versions of Smart Reporting superior to 9.1.02


    How to enable Geo Packs and request specific ones


    Below are the links on how to enable or add Geo Packs.



    You can download the latest Geo Packs directly on the EPD. 

    If the general Geo Packs do not fit your needs, new ones can be created providing the following information to support: 

    - File in CSV according with this documentation:


    This are some of the common mistakes when providing the CSV files:


    1) Some files were not in UTF-8


    2) The points were given in a wrong format. They were given in "long lat" format, whereas we require "POINT(long lat)" format.


    Some example files from a previously created GeoPack for Denmark attached.


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    Article Type:


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