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    MainView SRM Allocation


    MAINVIEW SRM Allocation StopX37/II User Guide and Reference


    MainView SRM Allocation 7.9.00, 7.8.00, MainView SRM StopX37/II 7.9.00, 7.8.00


    How can I find MainView SRM Messages in the online documentation, and how can I find specific Messages by Message ID, Message text or by Function name?


    From go to:

    1. Support Central
    3. Documentation
    5. BMC Mainframe for MainView
    7. Scroll down to "Messages Library" 
    9. Use the box "Search these pages" to search by Function name, by Message ID, or by Message text.
    11. The results will present link(s) to book(s) containing ranges of Messages.  
    13. Click on the link to a book of Messages, and use your browser's search function to find what you're looking for within that book's pages.  Typically your browser's search can be invoked with Ctrl + F keys.
    • If you use a custom prefix for Message IDs, this may complicate a search by Message ID.  When searching for a Message ID, you may:     
      • Use the entire Message ID, example: SVO0106I
      • Use an asterisk wildcard at the end of a partial Message ID, example: SVO0106*
      • Use a wildcard combination at the beginning ( /.* ) and end ( .*/ ) of a partial Message ID, examples: /.*VO0106.*/ or /.*VO0106I.*/ or /.*0106.*/  (this last example will return many results for multiple products)
    • Some messages do not have a prefix.
    • Message IDs and accompanying messages will only be displayed when allowed, with MSG=I.  This can be specified in SMFUNCxx parmlib member, and can be overridden in the associated SMFLSTxx member for the Function in question.



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