Is BMC Mainview Explorer available or part of the ICAP installation for Tool Users and Administration? 

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    MainView Explorer


    Is BMC Mainview Explorer available or part of the ICap installation for Tool Users and Administration?


    MainView Explorer (MVE) is a component of the MainView infrastructure and is available with any MainView based product (CMF, MVzOS, MVCICS, MVDB2, MVIMS, iCap, etc) It is available to any user of MV products provided they have the proper security access.

    When you begin an installation of any MV product, the MainView Infrastructure is installed which includes RTCS as well as the components of MVE as well as the product you are installing ... whether that's iCap, MVzOS, CMF, MVCICS, etc, ... MVE gets installed as part of the  overall installation process.

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