TrueSight Orchestration (TSO): How to run a workflow on specific peer?

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    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform


    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform


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    I have a BMC Atrium Orchestrator / TrueSight Orchestration (TSO) grid with multiple peers, and I have an adapter enabled on only one peer. When the grid executes a job, that job can run on any peer instead of only the peer with the adapter. Is this a problem? Is there a way to hard-code the workflow so it only runs on one specific peer?



    TSO has three types of job-processing peer (Configuration Distribution Peer [CDP], High-Availability COnfiguration Distribution Peer [HACDP], and Activity Peer [AP]) and one peer that cannot process jobs (Light Activity Peer [LAP]). Any job-processing peer can execute any job on the grid. If a workflow running on one peer needs to use an adapter on another peer, the grid will execute the adapter request on the peer with the adapter. This is normal grid behavior.

    You cannot specify a peer in a workflow configuration. TSO will automatically determine the best peer to run a workflow based on its internal load balancing. You can only force a workflow to run on a specific peer by creating a schedule. If you create a schedule using the Peer Location "peer" and provide the name of one of your peers, TSO will only run that schedule on the given peer. For more information about creating schedules, please see the TSO documentation. However, as a best practice BMC recommends against using a specific peer for a schedule. A schedule that can only execute on a single peer makes that peer a single point of failure; if the peer fails or becomes unavailable, there is no failover and the schedule will stop until the peer is running again.


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