TSCO - Installer missing the Reconfigure option

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO 11.5


    We have TSCO 11.5 installed and we are upgrading the Oracle client.

    We known we require to execute the Application Server installer an use the reconfigure option to point the environment to the new Oracle client folder, but we are not getting the reconfiguration option in the wizard.

    The installer only shows the option to Upgrade, even when the installer is detecting an existing 11.5 installation.

    Please refer to below screenshot:

    User-added image


    The issue is due to the property IS_POST_90_UPGRADE (set to true) that is forcing the installation wizard to show the upgrade option instead of repair/reinstall options.

    This property comes from the BCOInstalledConfiguration.xml file that is located in the BCO_HOME directory, probably coming from an old version of Capacity Optimization that has been upgraded many times.

    In order to correct this detail please execute below steps:

    1) make a backup copy of BCOInstalledConfiguration.xml file present in BCO_HOME directory

    2) modify BCOInstalledConfiguration.xml file present in BCO_HOME, by setting FALSE inside the 'propertyBundle' section:


    3) remove from /tmp the following files:
       * BCOInstalledConfiguration.xml
       * BCOInstallingConfiguration.xml

    4) run the installer

    After this you should be able to see the Reconfigure option on the wizard.

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