Virtual Chat ARERR 9264 new support agents logging in Support Agent Console

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    BMC Virtual Chat


    BMC Virtual Chat


    We have new support stuff added with "ESChat_Agent" permission on People form. We try to log in Support Agent Console with these new support stuff via MidTier side. We are getting following error in Support Agent Console.

    You have no access permission to the form "ES_Chat:SAC:ChatListQuery" ARERR 9264

    We try to log in Support Agent Console with existing support stuff with "ESChat_Agent" permission, there is no error in Support Agent Console.

    Virtual Chat version 9.1.02
    MidTier version 18.05
    AR Server version 9.1



    In MidTier logging file, ARERR 9264 is logged as below

    <MTIER><TID: 0000250407> <CATEGORY:com.remedy.log.SERVLET        > /* Wed Dec 19 2018 15:54:01.096  */  <LEVEL: SEVERE     > <Class: com.remedy.arsys.backchannel.NDXRequest><Method: processRequest><TENANT: null                                         > <USER: IMTYWY                                        >  GoatException during NDXRequest:= >  ARERR [9264] You have no access permission to the form ES_Chat:SAC:ChatListQuery.     at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.checkAccess(     at com.remedy.arsys.goat.aspects.IFormServiceCacheAspect.ajc$around$com_remedy_arsys_goat_aspects_IFormServiceCacheAspect$1$1c93230b(IFormServiceCacheAspect.aj:56)     at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.get(     at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.get(

    This error indicates that it check form access permission level, but failed to do that.

    Please perform following instructions to resolve this issue.

    Open form "ES_Chat:SAC:ChatListQuery" via Developer Studio
    Go to form Permission tab
    There is no permission assigned on form level
    Assign Public permission on form
    Save changes
    Flush MidTier cache

    Note : This has been logged as defect id DRBZC-1490


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