Data Import Tool - Importing People and User data returns the error "Incorrect encryption found. Unable to decrypt the data."

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    ARS 9.x


    When importing CTM:People form data with the Import Tool, the following error is seen:
    Incorrect encryption found. Unable to decrypt the data.

    Screenshot of the "Incorrect encryption found" error

    The data is in an .arx file exported using the arexport utility.

    Export of CTM:People form, file *.arx was generated using the arexport utility from under the ARSystem/artools directory.   The Data Import utility immediately generates an error message: "Incorrect encryption found. Unable to decrypt the data." when reading the *.arx file.


    The password data for the users are stored in a hashed form, and are included in the export. When the Import Tool attempts to import this data it encounters an issue due to changes in how the passwords were encrypted between certain AR System versions.


    The passwords cannot be included in the import. When exporting the CTM:People form data using the AR Export command-line utility, exclude the passwords with the "-e" option. The field that needs to be excluded is 102.

    Example command:
    arexport.bat -u <userName> -p <password> -x <serverName> -delim ";" -form CTM:People -e 102

    Documentation on the AR Export command-line utility can be found here: Exporting data by using the AR Export command-line utility
    A list of reserved fields, including the password field, can be found here: Reserved fields in access control

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