Remedy Smart Reporting - How to make a dynamic substring

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    How to make a dynamic substring?


    1.- Create a calculated field with the predefined function "Character Index/Position, ARJDBC" on a view level
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    for this example:
    "t" is the string we are looking for
    "Description" is the field where we are looking
    "0" is the position where the functoin will start looking for "t"

    This field will be our variable to perform any substrings

    2.- Create a new calculated field using the predefined function "Substring, ARJDBC"

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    for this example:
    "Description" is the field where we are looking
    "0" is the start position where it will start the substring
    "description t pos" is the field we previously create

    Note: you can alternate start and end position depending of your use case

    Depending on your Smart Reporting version (not supported on the old ones) you could make use of freehand sql to make the process more simple:

    SUBSTR(`HPD:Help Desk`.`Description`,0,(CHARINDEX('t',`HPD:Help Desk`.`Description`,0)-2))

    `HPD:Help Desk`.`Description`   is the field used for this example, replace it with the correct field, also replace "t" with the string you are searching

    "-2" is an adjustment on the count of characters per the behavior of where the substring function starts working.

    Note: Freehand sql could only be enabled on a view level.

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