BMC Helix Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter - July 2019 Edition

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    In July we celebrate America's 243rd Birthday!  We are letting the fireworks fly from sea to shining sea in this month's issue. Meet our Remedyforce family member, John Fulton, and follow him on communities as he is one of our top contributors. Please take a moment to take our short surveys to let us know what future enhancements are important to you, vote up some ideas for functionality improvements and check out the education materials available to you.  Join the Summer 19 EAP, read blogs regarding the requirement for the Salesforce upgrade to TLS 1.2 and the July Salesforce Tech update. Check out the local User Group Meetings in your area including Canada, Singapore, Dallas and Tampa, FL!  Please RSVP as space is limited.  Enjoy from the entire BMC Helix Remedyforce Organization!

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    Members Spotlight

    BMC Helix Remedyforce Team Corner

    Follow our members on Communities!

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    John Fulton is a Principal Product Manager on the Remedyforce team with more than 20 years of experience in Service Management (SM) with a focus on IT Asset Management (ITAM). He enjoys engaging, uncovering and translating customer needs; converting complex requirements into intuitive and innovative solutions. For the last 15 years, John has been in SM Product Management; prior, he served as lead ITAM Consultant and Architect assisting customers with implementations and best practices. His certifications include ITIL Foundation Certification, IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM), and Pragmatic Marketing Certification for Product Management.


    John lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife (Corinna), two children and two fur-babies.  Most of his free time either involves driving, watching or coaching his kids in various sports throughout the year.


    We Are Listening

    Customer Solution Contribution

    We need your feedback!  Our BMC Helix Remedyforce R&D Team have put out the below surveys to Identify, from our customer's perspective, what enhancements will be implemented in future releases.


    We are conducting UX research from July 11th to 16th to understand more about what determines your experience using BMC products and solutions, and we need

    feedback from members of BMC Community. This research will be conducted through an online survey. At the end you will find a link to a brief survey, It will only take about five minutes to complete.  The goal of this online survey is to identify the user experience qualities that reflect the expectations of the end users of BMC products.  Take Survey Here: Admins or Users of BMC Products – We Need Your Input! Help Us Understand Your User Experience with BMC Products


    We are always striving to improve the Helix Remedyforce solution. Below is a quick, 3 question survey regarding our Remedyforce documentation to help identify our strengths and areas for improvement.  Please complete this 5 minute survey to help us improve our documentation.  Take Survey Here: Remedyforce Documentation Survey


    We are considering an enhancement within the console which may include leveraging views and/or quickviews.  This survey is to find out which of these two methods are used today.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  We will share the results as soon as we receive enough responses.  Thank you in advance. Take Survey Here:  Survey - Adoption of Views and Quickviews

    Vote it up

    Let's collaborate on Ideas to improve our Product

    Look at ideas that were active recently, vote and comment with your feedback.  Should you not find an idea for new/improved functionality you want, go ahead and create a new idea. Read more here: How To: Create an Idea in Communities

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    Support Global Picklist Values in Request Definitions - It would be great if Request Definitions could support global picklist value sets. This is a feature of Salesforce that allows you to maintain a picklist or mutli-picklist in one location.


    Ability to add a filter to the CC field of Action/Email or Activity feed/email - Currently, when selecting the Activity Feed/Email, the email cc field displays ALL active users, including any external Community users. Having the ability to filter the list of users either directly in the pop-up or at the admin level, would shorten the list of users to select from.


    Feature to add/remove column field on Smart Suggestions Knowledge Articles in Remedyforce Console. - Feature to add/remove column field on Smart Suggestions Knowledge Articles in Remedyforce Console.


    Smart suggestion to provide keyword input for agent -It would be nice to open Smart Suggestion keywords to be editable for agent (it uses category and description fields according to my understanding).So user could find variations in keywords, not relaying always to the default keywords which are picked from Incident form.


    Add a user enabled Dark Mode feature to the Remedyforce Console With organizations that work 24/7, eye stain becomes a real problem, especially with the white to white-ish colors used by applications.  Salesforce is exploring beta dark mode features via an app plugin for Summer 19.  With users that sit in front of a Remedyforce screen always open during work, it is time for BMC to add a dark mode feature to the Remedyforce Console.


    Things you need to know

    Product News


    Summer 19 EAP

    Summer 19.png

    We are pleased to announce that the BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 Early Access Program (EAP) is in phase 2 offering the pre-release version!

    *This program is for current BMC Helix Remedyforce customers in production only.  If you wish to have a pre-release build pushed to your sandbox, please reach out to


    You can participate in this program to get insights into the upcoming Summer 19 release. You will still have access to a hosted sandbox where you can test drive the features of this release. 


    The first step for you is to sign the BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement. If you were a member of the BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program, you may have signed the latest agreement and do not have to do so again. When filling out this agreement, you are required to use the Company Name that was used on your Support Contract in order to cover all staff who may want to participate in the EAP. The BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement can be accessed here:


    Next, you can request access to the BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 EAP community:


    We look forward to having your feedback in the EAP. If you have questions please contact your Business Relationship Manager at BMC Software.



    Read Virginia Leandro's July Salesforce tech update to read and about Salesforce Summer 19 updates, requirements for the Salesforce Mobile App, instance refreshes and more.  Read more here: Vacation and Salesforce Tech Update for July 2019


    Read Virginia Leandro's blog about the auto transition of organizations to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. Read it here:  Salesforce Auto-Transition to Lightning Experience


    Upcoming Events



    Please join Remedyforce Support for a live webinar on Friday, July 26th 11:00am EDT.  Please RSVP Here:  BMC Helix Remedyforce Webinar Series: How to Configure Auto Assignment


    User Group Meetings

    As you can see from the success of our resent User Group meetings in London and Tokyo, our BMC Helix Remedyforce User Groups are great opportunity to connect with our Project Management & Business Relationship Management teams, network with other Remedyforce customers and have open discussions about product experiences.  If you would like to see a BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group in your area and if you would be willing to share your customer story please reach out to your dedicated Business Relationship Manager for more information.  Please join us for a live webinar on Friday, July 26th 11:00am EDT.  Please RSVP Here:



    Join us for the Toronto BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group Meeting at 12PM - 5PM (EDT) Wednesday, July 17th 2019. John Fultonfrom our Product Management Team will be onsite to present our BMC Helix Remedyforce Roadmap along with a special product session. We will also be featuring a presentation from two Customers who will share their BMC Helix Remedyforce journey. This is a great opportunity to connect and network with other Remedyforce users, have open discussions and share your product experiences.Seats are limited, Please RSVP Here: Save the Date! First EVER Canadian BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group - Toronto Wednesday July 17th, 2019



    Join us for the Singapore BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group Meeting on 2PM - 5PM (SGT) Wednesday, July 24th 2019. This is a great opportunity to connect and network with other BMC Helix Remedyforce users, have open discussions and share your product experiences.Please RSVP Here: BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group - Singapore Wednesday 24th July


    Come join us for the next Dallas User Group meeting featuring new Product Capabilities form 9AM - 12PM (CDT) Monday August 19th 2019. Join Virginia Leandro, from the Remedyforce Product Management Team, who will be onsite to demo Chatbot capabilities.  We will present the BMC Helix Remedyforce Roadmap and get a preview of the new features coming in Summer 19.  This is a great opportunity to connect and network with other Remedyforce users, have open discussions and share your product experiences.  Please RSVP Here: BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group Meeting in Dallas, TX on August 19, 2019


    Join us for the Tampa, FL BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group Meeting from 9AM - 4PM (EDT) Thursday, October 3rd 2019.  Members of our Business Relationship Management & Product Management Teams, including Lisa Kraas, Hugo Gracia & John Fulton, will be onsite to present our Product Roadmap, CMDB insights, product features and much more. We will also be featuring a selection of presentations from customers who will share their BMC Helix Remedyforce journeys. This is a great opportunity to connect and network with other BMC Helix Remedyforce users, have open discussions and share your product experiences.  RSVP Here: BMC Helix Remedyforce User Group Meeting in Tampa, FL on October 3, 2019


    BMC Conference


    Join us at BMC Helix Immersion Days 2019 September 16th - 19th, 2019 and discover how cognitive service management is imperative for your service management strategy. Sessions will include customer case studies and hands-on solution labs. You’ll gain a clear understanding of key service management issues and shared experiences from the industry professionals who have been there. Register Here: BMC Helix Immersion Day


    Expected Sessions:



    Remedyforce Customer Education

    Customer Training Path.JPG


    This document is designed to explore the Remedyforce Customer Education Path whether you are looking to become more familiar with the product or if your intention is to become BMC Helix Remedyforce Certified. From our Web Based Training series to to ourBMC Helix Remedyforce Certification, there is a wealth of Remedyforce education to build your skills and set your organization up for success! Get all details: Remedyforce Customer Education


    Remedyforce Support Videos

    Remedyforce YouTube.JPG

    Remedyforce Support has put together a Youtube Remedyforce Channel that we encourage all of our customers to view and follow. It currently has 60 videos (and growing) that cover such topics as Pentaho, to How to troubleshoot Remedyforce etc.. Please see the list of topics here: BMC Helix Remedyforce YouTube Support Video Index


    Preparing August 2019 Newsletter!

    This is your newsletter, let us know what BMC Helix Remedyforce topics you would like included, comment below!



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