Remedy with SmartIT - Steps to fix generic Smart IT Social Bridge errors

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    SmartIT, SocialBridge


    Errors like the following are often seen in the SmartIT SocialBridge form records:

    "error": HTTP Error 403 : {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_SESSION_EXPIRED"}

    These are generic errors which don't point to any specific problem. The following steps can be used to correct any mis-configuration, which will often fix errors like the one above.

    The following steps should be used to rule out configuration issues between the file and the KeyStore form.


    Invalid API Token and Value settings in the Tomcat file


    Settings to check

    • check that API Token value in the file (located under Tomcat/external-conf) is the same for ALL Smart IT servers (if different then refer to below steps)
    • check the KeyStore form has the same Token & Secret values as defined in the file (if different then refer to below steps)
       Stop services  
    • backup your existing files on ALL Tomcat servers
    • stop Mongo, Social & then Tomcat services of ALL Smart IT servers
    • update the file (located under Tomcat/external-conf) on ALL non-Primary Smart IT servers to have API Token string that matches the API Token string on the Primary server (string located at bottom of the file)
    • save the changes
       Fix KeyStore form  
    • login into Remedy and open "SHR:SHR_KeyStore" form and make below changes     
      • Host Name = https://SmartIT_Loadbalancer
      • Token = 1st string from API Token
      • Secret = 2nd string (after equals sign) from API Token
    • access ALL AR Server nodes directly & open "SHR:SHR_KeyStore" form to verify that the change is reflected on each node
       Restart services  
    • restart ALL AR Server services
    • start Mongo, Social & then Tomcat of ALL Smart IT Servers (one at a time starting with Primary)
    If the above steps needed to be run, then retry one of the errored SocialBridge records to confirm that the error has now been fixed. 

    If it still errors, or if the above steps were not required, please use the steps in the following article to get the UX debug logs:


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