Remedy - Atrium - How to disable Patch Normalization for any class?

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    How to disable Patch Normalization for any class?



    To disable the patch normalization, PatchNumber attribute has to be excluded from the attribute List of a particular class. E.g. SoftwareServer.

    From Atrium Console, the attribute list can’t be edited and have to use the backend form to do so.
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    For Normalization process, the information about attribute to be normalized is stored in NE:AttributesInfo form using attribute instanceId (not by name).

    To simplify the steps, We have extracted the instanceIds of PatchNumber attribute from CMDB metadata (using OBJSTR:AttributeDefinition form).

    There are two PatchNumber attributes in CMDB each for two class hierarchy in BMC CMDB.

    1. InstanceId for PatchNumber attribute belongs to BMC_ApplicationSystem (parent of BMC_SoftwareServer)
    1. InstanceId for PatchNumber attribute belongs to BMC_Software (Parent of OperatingSystem)

    Steps to follow -
    1. Go to NE:AttributesInfo form
    3. Search for the class under ClassID field we want to disable patch normalization for. Once the record id fetched, we will get a list of attributes separated by ';' under AttributeIDList field
    5. OB000874CD4B4FoD2cQADD29CwFQMA and OB000D56BA2BA54hfvQAioxBBQ4gAA are the patch number attribute IDs.
    7. Remove any of the above 2 values, whichever is available in the AttributeIDList for particular class and the ';' that goes with it, save the record and it will disable the patch normalization for the selected ClassID

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               5. To confirm if the change is applied successfully, verify from Atrium Console  

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