Remedy Single Sign On - Integrate AR Server with RSSO, removes AREA.LDAP to authenitcate DevStudio or SOAP Web Services

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    RSSO 9.x or higher versions


    When using RSSO integration with AR Server for Kerberos and/or SAML integration, is there a possibility to still authenticate components such as Developer Studio, or services like SOAP Web Services with Active Directory credentials?

    Before installing RSSO these components could use LDAP Credentials to authenticate.




    By default without RSSO, AREA.LDAP plugin in AR server would be the one responsible to authenticate such components so by itself RSSO cannot authenticate these services. Integrating RSSO with AR Server will remove the use of AREA LDAP plug-in to obtain information about LDAP groups or attributes in the AR Server. Starting from version 9.1.04, in case you want to use the AREA LDAP plug-in configuration for Remedy SSO, you can implement the same configurations (Bind User, Host Name, User Base search, and other settings) in Remedy SSO Authentication LDAP as stated in Configuring the AREA LDAP plug-in.
    Using AREA LDAP plug-in configuration

    AREA LDAP configuration and AREA RSSO are different plugins and when you install the RSSO agent in AR Server it will remove the AREA LDAP plugin references from ar.cfg/ar.conf


    And from pluginsvr_config.xml, so in case that you need to use AREA LDAP for your LDAP users to Dev Studio you need to add the AREA LDAP reference again in the ar.cfg and pluginsvr_config.xml for all your AR Servers in case of a Server group as:

      <pathelement type="path">UPGRADE</pathelement> 
      <pathelement type="location">/opt/bmc/ARSystem/pluginsvr/arealdapplugin91_build003.jar</pathelement> 

    Note: Check that the filename and pathelement point to <arserver_home/pluginsvr/arealdapplugin91_build003.jar, the build number may vary according to your AR Server version however you must look for the arealdapplugin91_buildXXX.jar
      Also check the ranking of the authentication chaining mode  the form AR System Administration: Server information form and in the EA tab, this should be listed as AREA-ARS also, The RSSO installer may have shifted this.

    The reason you cannot use RSSO integration for Developer Studio, SOAP Web Services or User Tool as RSSO integrates with Mid Tier agent & all the web-based on Remedy & other BMC web apps and; Dev Studio, Import Tool or User Tool goes directly to the AR Server authentication using the AREA Plugin.


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