Using Atrium Explorer to promote a CI is stuck with message Promote Sandbox Changes in Progress

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    BMC Atrium Core CMDB 9.1 or higher


    When trying to promote a CI from the sandbox from Atrium Explorer, the status message is given:

    Promote Sandbox Changes in Progress

    However, the promotion process never completes.  The job was left to run overnight and never completed nor
    would it complete on subsequent attempts.

    Using Remedy Developer Studio tool to view and delete jobs for the RE:Job_Runs form and enabling a field
    from the Debug tab did not resolve the error.  (For details of that process, see KA 000096674 Clearing hung Atrium Explorer - Identification and Merge jobs).

    Checking the RE Job Runs and RE Job Events forms, found only a few hundred records.  If there were tens of thousands
    of records in those two forms, it may have caused the issue.  Therefore, performance with these two forms was not an issue.  
    Deleting those records from the two forms and restarting arrecond.exe didn't resolve the issue either.

    The Atrium Explorer Recon job log file contained no log updates or was not created.

    The Atrium Explorer Recon job never triggered or displayed an animated icon with a running status in the Reconciliation Engine Console.


    Suspended flag set to T on Recon Engine primary server


    It was found that in the ar.cfg the Reconciliation-Engine-Suspended: T was set on the Recon Engine primary server.  At this
    point, it was found that no other reconciliation activity was working.

    The Reconciliation-Engine-Suspended was set to F and arrecond.exe was restarted to reload that Recon Engine
    as the primary in the AR Operation Rankings form.  Atrium Explorer would now promote CIs normally.

    Support recommends to review the Reconciliation Engine configuration in the Remedy environment using the following KA:

    000093194 - CMDB Recon Engine Ranking in AR Server Group - How to

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