Remedy - Server - Post ARS upgrade, users are not able to login with RSSO authentication. Getting error "ARERR 623 - Authentication failed"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System v.9.1.x and RSSO v.9.1.x



    Post AR Server upgrade, when user tries to login through any client or Midtier are getting error:
    ARERR 623 - Authentication failed



    Operating-Mode was not reset



    From remedy version 9.1.x, the Operating-Mode parameter gets set to 0, 1, 2 during upgrade process.
    - Value 0 : Server is not in Upgrade Stage.
    - Value 1: Server is currently in Upgrade Stage.
    - Value 2: Serve Group server is in Upgrade Stage.

    This parameter value gets reset to 0 post AR, Atrium and AI applications are upgraded.
    The value will be 1 if Atrium/AI are NOT upgraded.
    So, post AR upgrade if users wants to login through RSSO, then we can manually mark this parameter to 0, and restart the AR Server process (through the Services Console [Windows] or the arsystem script [Unix/Linux]).

    Review this blog to get details on what all operations gets disabled when operating-mode is set:


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