Snapshots not working for VMware switches after TSNA 8904 upgrade

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    TrueSight Network Automation


    TrueSight Network Automation


    Snapshot of Vmware Vswitches are failing after upgrading to 8.9.04. Fails at the login section when looking at the transcript.


    missing jar file on the Remote device Agent


    1) on the TSNA Application Server, edit bcan-networks-data/
               find the property named agentJarDownloads.
               decomment the line and add to the end: ,jaxb-api*.jar

                      that is a comma followed by jaxb-api*.jar
               so your setting should look like this:

     *** NOTE Please ensure you do not add any spaces this will cause the jar to not download ***
     *** NOTE 2 After re-starting the TSNA web service if you run the System Diagnostic Report you should see your new non-default settings ***
    2) On the Remote Device Agent Server stop the agent service
    3) remove all files from the agent <TSNA-Agent-Home>/imported/lib directory,
    4) Back on the Application server stop the TSNA webservice
    5) start the TSNA webservice
    6) Back on the Remote device agent server start the agent service

    Verify the Agent /imported/lib/ folder correctly populated and ensure you see a jaxb-api*.jar file.
    Snapshot will now complete.

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