What  is the file C_time_stamps.txt used in Control-M/Server for Unix and Microsoft Windows used for?

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows - All versions


    The "C_time_stamps.txt" is located in the directory $home/ctm_server/tmp on Unix/Linux and
    <CTM_HOME>\temp on Windows.

    It in charge of time zone offsets on the Control-M/Server. This means that when times are changed (DST etc..) it is done by the server based on that 'C_time_stamps.txt' file.
    It also plays a role in time zone jobs and their synchronization and timing.
    It is recreated each time the CM server is started.
    The time of the system is retrieved from the machine itself.
    Please do not delete the file as it will cause the CE process to go down.

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