Should BPA/Capacity Agent be installed on both the control LDOM and each LDOM in environment

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


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    Does Performance Assurance Agent / Capacity Agent get installed in just the Solaris control LDOM? Or is it also installed in the Solaris guest LDOM?




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    Resolution : You need to install Capacity/BPA Agent on both the Control LDOMs and on each individual LDOM. Implementation of the Perform collector on the Control LDOM gets you information related to the configuration of the LDOM environment but you don't get the metrics of each LDOM from that machine. To obtain the data from each LDOM in the environment you need to deploy the Perform collector to each machine.

    This document has more implementation details (under ' Best Practices for representing Solaris LDoms'):



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