In TSCO, I am unable to materialize SQL datamarts to use it in a Custom View having a roll period Macro filter

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    Customer cannot use Filter macros when he creates a custom datamart in TSCO. The web UI allows the user to create and materialize the Datamart but this ends up with a strange string with it is materialized.

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    Defect QM002294608


    The solution proposed for queries that contain a roll period macro, is to create 2 datamart: One materialized (without any macros) and one not materialized (since it contains macros). 

    (1) The user shouldn't include macros on the query that has to be materialized, this one requires to select the second option (see screenshot below) which is to materialize the query.

    (2) The query that does not require to be materialized will contain the macros but this query should use the option "Always see fresh data" to prevent it to be materialized:

    User-added image

    Defect QM002294608  has been logged to fix this, it's basically to prevent the materialization option to appear on the wizard when a SQL query contains a macro. This kind of SQL should not be materialized and this option allows the user to do it, the defect on the UI shows the option available, in order to create the queries having macros the option is to select "Show fresh data" setting.

    Fix will be available in CHF to be released on June 5th 2017

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