Customize URL for  ITSM_Approval_By_Email_Content

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    2.x 18.x & 19.x


    Customer wants to customize the approval notification. 

    Action performed: Changed the ITSMApproval_By_email_content_en html template, modified the filter NTE:NTS:Email_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplateGetURLPath, restart Smart IT.. 

    Email links are showing up as "[http]View this in MyIT Approval Central"
    See the example below:

    User-added image

    According to filter logs the URL was getting set correctly (I changed the original server name and use "server name" as an example):
    > /* Tue Jan 29 2019 14:50:19.9460 */ <Filter Level:2 Number Of Filters:321> Checking "NTE:NTS:Email_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplateGetURLPath" (140)
    >    --> Passed -- perform actions
    >            0 : Set Fields
    >            Short Description (8) = http://clm-aus-t6ba55/ux/myitapp/#/profile?activityTab=approvals
    >           1 : Set Fields
    >           Short Description (8) = ://clm-aus-t6ba55/ux/myitapp/#/profile?activityTab=approvals




    Follow the next steps:

    • Copy the filter NTE:NTS:Email_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplateGetURLPath and create a new one with different name like: NTE:NTS:Email_SystemNT_with_EmailTemplateGetURLPathMyITApproval
    • Set the execution order as 141 (Higher than the OOTB filter which execution order is 140)
    • Change the run if to  ('EmailTemplateName' LIKE "ITSM_Approval_By_Email_Content%")  only.
    • Change set fields action to set hostname + / + "/ux/myitapp/#/profile?activityTab=approvals" in to short description.

    Then customize the email template html (ITSMApproval_By_Email_Content_en_0.html ) being used to only have the Short Description in the href section.

    • Change line:

    <span><a href="http#$$Short Description$$#/#$$Source_Instance_ID$$#" style="color:#2bb5dc; font-size:12pt">View this in BMC Remedy with MyIT</a></span>
    <span><a href="http#$$Short Description$$#" style="color:#2bb5dc; font-size:12pt">View this in BMC Remedy with MyIT</a></span>


    Try again, you will see the URL correctly. 




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