Remedy - D2P - Installing ITSM 18.05 on a secondary server when the server group has ITSM 18.08 installed

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    ITSM v.18.08, ITSM v.18.05


    There is an existing Remedy AR System server group, running version 18.08, with ITSM Suite 18.08 installed.
    A new server to the server group is added (the new server points to the server group database).

    When running the 18.05 ITSM Suite installer (which must be run before using Deployment Management Console to deploy version 18.08), the installer checks the server group database for the version of ITSM installed.

    As the version installed in the server group is 18.08, the 18.05 installer will not run on the new server.
    An error is shown for each ITSM application, similar to the following:
    "A newer version of BMC Remedy Incident Management is detected on your BMC Remedy AR System, installation cannot continue"

              ITSM 1805 installer error


    ITSM v.18.05 installer detects ITSM v.18.08 already installed in the server group.


    Use the following steps to install ITSM 18.08:

    1- Browse to the Mid Tier Object List

    2- Open the SHARE:Application_Properties form in search mode.

    3- In the Property Value field, enter BMC, and press Search.

    4- Double-click on BMC Remedy Asset Management in the top results pane to open the record.

    5- Double-click on the Property Value for the Version property, in the All Application Properties tab.

              User-added image

    6- In the resulting form view, which shows the Version property in the top pane, update the Property Value from 9.1.06 to 9.1.05

                 User-added image

    7- After setting the Property Value back to 9.1.05, save the record.

    8- Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each application listed in the installer error message (in the example provided here, these steps need to be carried out for the following 5 applications; Asset Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, and Knowledge Management).

    9- Re-open the SHARE:Application_Properties form in search mode, and search for BMC again, confirming that all applications listed in your error messages now have version 9.1.05

    Following these steps, re-run the ITSM Suite 18.05 installer.
    To use the Deployment Management Console to install the ITSM 18.08 package, refer to the following article:
    Remedy - D2P - How to patch a New Server in already patched Server Group Environment using D2P


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