TSCO - Datamart views are not dropped

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO 11.3.01



    We are seeing two problems with Data-marts on our Capacity Optimization (TSCO) environment:
     - When we delete a data-mart on TSCO, the view(ER_V_) is not being automatically deleted from the TSCO Database.
     - When we rename a data-mart onTSCO, the old view (ER_V_) is not being automatically deleted from the TSCO Database.


    This is causing to clutter the view list on the TSCO Database. Our understanding is that when deleting the data mart from the TSCO UI, any materialized views and the SQL view itself should be dropped. If that's the case, the process is not working as expected.


    Please refer to below screenshot:
    User-added image


    The data-mart was deleted from Capacity Optimization a long time ago, but the view was never deleted from the TSCO Database.
    This seems to happen for all the data marts that were deleted or updated to be data mart templates (i.e. no SQL view should exist but the SQL is build at run-time).



    root cause of the problem was on the query designed to delete the data-mart views, we were not validating NOT NULL values for the field PHYSNAME. 


    We have confirm this as a defect, and we generated a tracking number:

    DRCOZ-20922 - SQL views are not dropped when data mart is deleted/renamed

    Solution is provided under CHF 15 for TSCO 11.3.0

    You can find on below FTP link the latest CHF for 11.3.01:

    Article Number:


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    Solutions to a Product Problem

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