Information regarding the TSCO SYS_DATA_ROLL table (PV_SYS_DATA_ROLL public view)

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    BMC Capacity Management


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5, 11.3.01, 11.0, 10.7, 10.5, 10.3, 10.0



    The PV_SYS_DATA_ROLL public view is a view into the SYS_DATA_ROLL table which contains rolling statistics for a select set of metrics.  The SYS_DATA_ROLL data is often used as the basis for reporting 95th percentile CPU Utilization and other metrics in the Capacity Views.

    Which metrics are available in the SYS_DATA_ROLL table?
    Is it possible to add custom metrics to the SYS_DATA_ROLL table if they aren't available there?
    How do I query data from the SYS_DATA_ROLL table?




    The SYS_DATA_ROLL table (and the PV_SYS_DATA_ROLL public view) only includes a predefined list of metrics for particular entity types. There is no functionality avialable in TSCO for users to extend the metrics included in the SYS_DATA_ROLL table.


    I don't see the CPU_LIMIT_MAX metric as one defined for inclusion in the SYS_DATA_ROLL rolling statistics table.


    The following SQL can be run to list the metrics which will have rolling statistics calculated for them in the SYS_DATA_ROLL table by TSCO;

         , t.nameen 
         , rg.resgroupid 
         , resgroupname 
         , rc.resname metric 
         , metricname 
         , rc.valtypeid 
         , valtypename 
         , vt.defaultplotcol statisticrolled 
         , roll.rollperiod 
         , roll.ownership 
           sys_type t 
         join sys_type_res_group trg 
           on (t.systypeid = trg.systypeid) 
         join res_group rg 
           on (trg.resgroupid = rg.resgroupid) 
         join res_counter_res_group rcrg 
           on (rg.resgroupid = rcrg.resgroupid) 
         join res_group_roll roll 
           on (roll.resgroupid = rg.resgroupid) 
         join resource_counter rc 
           on rc.resname = rcrg.resname 
         join val_type vt 
           on vt.valtypeid = rc.valtypeid 
      There is an Idea logged to request the ability for TSCO Administrators to add their own metrics to the PV_SYS_DATA_ROLE metric list:
         Idea 19859: Unlock SYS_DATA_ROLL ( 
       One can define your own custom statistics in TSCO under Administration -> Data Warehouse -> Custom Statistics in the "Rule-based statistics" section but those custom statistics will not be made available via the SYS_DATA_ROLL table. 
       Information on defining custom statistics is available here: 
       Once defined, custom Rule-based statistics can then be selected to be reported in an Analysis.  
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