Details about Gateway Server installation and getting agentless performance data from servers

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization



    We currently have an agentless environment where we pull in data from different datasources. We would like to capture metrics from application servers that are not apart of these environments. Do we need to do anything outside the agent installs to have the metrics imported in BCO? When the agents are install on these boxes ... How does that information get reported back into TSCO? Does etl need to be created to get that data?





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    TSCO does not collect data agentless from machines that can't be monitored by existing ETL modules and Capacity Agents can't be installed on them. The proposals to collect metrics from these systems are: 

    (1) Install Capacity Agents on the servers and implement Agent data collection. 
    (2) Develop a custom ETL or use any of the OOTB ETL modules to collect data from them. 
    (3) Access the Marketplace and see if any custom ETL could work for your purposes (keep in mind that these ETLs are not supported by BMC, you may want to contact the person/company that created it in case you need support for it). 

    If you are willing to start Agent data collection from the nodes, check the product documentation that explains the process of how to integrate Gateway Server data collection from Agents. This is the best approach for Servers whose performance metrics can't be collected by a regular ETL. 


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