Can the text of email notifications sent by BPPM/TSIM event rules be customised?

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    BPPM User Console


    All BPPM and TSIM versions


       In a TSIM event rule, can the text of the emails sent be customized?  



    When you configure event rules, you have the ability to customize the text of the events. There are variables/macros that can be accessed during that customization that allow you to customize the Subject and Body of the email. You should be able to use that functionality to achieve your goal.

      Here are the basic steps: 
      1.  Select Options=>Administration from the ProactiveNet User Console.  
    2.  Click Edit "Event Rules".  
    3.  Edit an existing Event Rule or create a new rule.  
    4.  Click through to page 3/3 (Next=>Next)  
    5.  Click "Event Text Customization"  
    6.  Enter the text in the Subject and Body. The macros that are available are listed to the right of the screen where Subject and Body are entered. 
    The following example notification text: 
      $ATTR_NAME value is $LAST 
      $ATTR_NAME value is $LAST  
    Action generated by $ALARMRULE_NAME  
    Generated the following e-mail: 
      Subject:  Availability value is 0.000 
      Availability value is 0.000  
    Action generated by DefaultRule-BMC_ProactiveNet PwTray 
    Note: This email was triggered by event rule "DefaultRule-BMC_ProactiveNet". 


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