How to automate the CMA "Agent Sync" command in a Windows BPPM server?

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    ProactiveNet Performance Management


    How to automate the CMA "Agent Sync" command in a Windows BPPM server?


    Here are instructions to execute the CLI
    1) Download the file attached to this article
    2) Get a list of PATROL agents using the following instructions
    2a) runjava scripts.runsqli "SELECT SERVERID, MOINSTANCEID, HOSTNAME FROM PATROLAGENT_DETAILS" > C:\tableOut.txt
    2b) Keep this file C:\tableOut.txt - it can be located anywhere and named anything as long as the path + name do not include a space
    2c) Edit the file and remove the first line which contains column headers of the table
    3) Modify the file /pw/pronto/bin/ and add the following line to the end of the "my $cp =", just before the ". '.';" line
        . "\"$server_path\\com\\proactivenet\\scripts\\ReSyncAgents.class\";"
    4) Create a scripts directory $server_path/com/proactivenet/scripts
    For example, if the BPPM server is installed under: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Proactivenet, then create the below directory under the path:
    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Proactivenet\com\proactivenet\scripts
    5) Copy ReSyncAgents.class to this scripts directory
    6) Execute the following command in pw command window
        runjava scripts.ReSyncAgents File=<Filename> User=<User name> WaitInterval=<Duration in minutes> i.e.
        runjava scripts.ReSyncAgents File=C:\tableOut.txt User=admin WaitInterval=3

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