Mainview Total Object Manager: Having the setting VARIABLES_LOCAL= NO may cause abends in the TOM address space

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    Having multiple TOMs performing status type automation variable updates simultaneously and the MAMINIxx VARIABLES_LOCAL= set to NO, may cause abends and exhaust CSA.  When NO is specified, these update requests get shipped to all TOMs in the TOMPLEX and since there are multiple TOMs performing this process and having many objects to process, storage may be exhausted. 


    To resolve set the MAMINIxx VARIABLES_LOCAL=YES which will only do the update of the automation variables on the local system preventing this overload.  Unless the customer has EXECs or automation that is inspecting automation variables on one system for another system this will be a seamless change. 

    Also make sure that TOM and AutoOPERATOR is at the highest dispatching priority.

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