How to Define Custom Context in MainView

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    MainView Infrastructure


    MainView Infrastructure


    All supported releases of MainView.


    How to define custom contexts in MainView?


    Begin by navigating to the PLEXMGR EZMenu.  The PLEXMGR is option P from the MainView primary menu.

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    In the lower middle of the EZMenu, select the option Context Definition.

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    The CONDEF view is display.  Type EDIT on the command line and press enter to obtain an edit lock on the PDS member.

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    Type ADD on the command line to add a context definition.

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    Provide a name for the context in the SSI Context field.  This will be the value you reference with the CONtext command.  The inclusion filters specifiy what targets to include in the context.  There is a legend below the input fields identifying what the %n values represent.  In this instance we're interested in including only CICS AOR regions.  To do this, a target name (%1) of CICS regions that end with AOR and occur in MainView for CICS.

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    Issue a END command then save the context definition member by typing save on the command line and pressing enter.  The context should now be available for use.

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