CMDBDiag utility change Administrator-mode only

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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite 9.x, 18.x & 19.x


    While running cmdbdiag utility other users are not able to connect to AR



    When you run cmdbdiag utility to remove data from dataset, it will change the Administrator-only mode to yes. Which will result in no user will be able to connect to user tool or server. You should make sure that when you are running cmdbdiag, no users should be connected to server or if they are in middle of something, they should save the work before start deleting data using cmdbdiag utility.

      CMDBDiag uses GLSQL (Direct SQL command to AR DB) for a faster clean-up process. This call requires Admin Only to be set otherwise it won’t work.  
    Therefore, whenever CMDBDiag is about to perform these operations, you will see setting Admin Only mode.   
    Make a note – Not all CMDBDiag operations require Admin Only mode.   
    CMDBDiag utility is available in AtriumCore directory and can be used when you need to correct the relationship or delete bunch of data from specific dataset and this utility is only used when you have full database backup.  


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