Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Version 4
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    Below are the most popular public Knowledge Articles (most viewed) by customers in the last December 2019.  This document will be updated.


    Article #Title
    000096661CLM: Troubleshooting "ARWARN [9505] AR Server is Not Reachable"
    000046861CLM: ARERR[552] The SQL database operation failed
    000072480CLM: Windows VM provisioning fails with error "VM guest customization failed with error: An error occurred while setting up network properties of the guest OS"
    000080964CLM: An unqualified search was issued and the server has been configured to disallow unqualified searches (ARERR 361)
    000086495CLM: Error "nsh: command not found:<command>" during Service provisioning activity
    000087650CLM: Error "Message not in catalog; Message number = 90" when connecting to BMC Remedy ARSystem Server through Atrium Web Services
    000130923CLM: How to fix Switchport related problems?
    000081561CLM: Error - " Java heap space" when making callout to Atrium Orchestrator (AO)
    000089123CLM: auto decommission is not triggered at a specified decommission date
    000125683CLM: How to clean old activity logs from BMC Cloud End User Web Portal? - INCLUDES VIDEO
    000096362Different Backup procedures of Configuration files and databases for CLM components
    000158360Getting "address is already acquired in selected address pool" when trying to onboard an existing VMWare VM using QuickStart
    000072459CLM: Account validation errors for AWS (Amazon Web Services) when modifying/updating the user account credentials or after submitting the SOI request
    000123933CLM: Error occurred while provisioning the vApp [vAppName] using vApp Template [vApp template name]
    000038610Error: You specified an invalid license key for AR server on <AR Server Name>. Make sure you enter a valid license key
    000169912Got exception in BBNA: "XX.XXX.XX.152" is not acquired in selected address pool. PKIX path validation failed: validity check failed
    000030509CLM: BMC Remedy ARSystem DSO is not responsive and how to troubleshoot DSO issue?
    000028248CLM: How to increase API task life?
    000028442CLM: BSA Update Server Property (USP) Job returns a mis-leading return code
    000018223How to disable SOI (Service Offering Instance) rollback in CLM
    000112057Invoking Atrium Orchestrator (AO) type callout from CLM fails with error Service AO Configuration Distribution is not reachable
    000069637CLM: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
    000097930Error while submitting an SOI Request: "Unable to persist object in the Cloud database"
    000093883CLM: What is the best way to find IP address, Hostname of a provisioned Virtual Machine from a known Change Request ID or Service Request ID?