Issue with reconciliation of BMC_Person records (Changes made from Asset Console not updating/merging into existing CIs in BMC.ASSET dataset)

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    AtriumCore 1902


    After a bulk upload of CI's in the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK dataset using UDM,
    the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK dataset reconciliation job is triggered and promotes the data to the BMC.ASSET datast. 
    If a CI is modified in the Asset console, a CI gets created in the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX dataset (Containing the modification done)
    Now the reconciliation job for the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX dataset gets triggered but it does not update the CI in the BMC.ASSET dataset. 


    BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK dataset has a precedence of 710 as compared to the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX dataset which has 700


    From the CMDB Configuration Manager Dashboard (New CMDB UI) go to Configurations--> Manage Reconciliation Rules --> Precedence Exceptions-->BMC Default Merge precedence set, make the following changes.

    - Make the dataset precedence for the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK and BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX datasets equal. For example, one can change the dataset precedence of the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK dataset to 700 to match the precedence of the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX dataset.
    - Keep the Merge Order (Tie Breaker value) as the same value say 700 for both datasets.

    This will resolve the issue and will allow the changes made from the Asset Console to be merged into the existing CI in BMC.Asset dataset (The one that has been populated from the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX.BULK dataset).


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