How to disable Email Notifications on a per client basis?

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Is it possible to disable Ticketing Email Notifications ( on a per client basis Out of the Box ? For example, can we disable the below notification (HPD-INC-CustomerReceipt Confirmation) if a new Incident is opened by Client XYZ, but have it enabled for Client ABC ? 

    Does this require a code customization, or is there an out of the box configuration? 


    It is possible to set the HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation SYS:Notification Messages record from -Global- to say a particular customer/company/client and it will only fire off for that company. Anything outside of it will not be notified of receipt. If you want additional individual companies/clients to receive the Customer Receipt notifications you will need to basically mirror the record in the SYS:Notification Messages form and select the proper company.

    1. Open the SYS:Notification Messages form
    2. Search the 'Notification Message Tag' for HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation
    3. You can do one of two things - 1 - Disable the -Global- record OR -2- change the company name to reflect the client that wants to receive notification.
    4.If you want to add additional clients to receive notifications you will need to copy the information in the HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation record to a new record (request) and set the Company name accordingly. Then you will have two HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation records with two different client names that will only receive the notifications.

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