Can I use SMF log stream data as input to DOMBRPT1?

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    Can I use SMF log stream data as input to the DOMBRPT1 report utility?


    An SMF log stream cannot be used directly as input to the DOMBRPT1 report utility.

    However, since SMF records are a valid type of input for MainView for Db2 reports*, the following can be done:
      1. The IBM log stream dump program IFASMFDL can be used to dump the desired SMF data from the SMF log stream to a sequential dataset.
      2. The sequential dataset (specified in the TRACEIN DD statement) can then be passed to the step executing the DOMBRPT1 program. 

    * Note - SMF records are only valid for MainView for Db2 reports. SMF records cannot be used  as input for Apptune reports since Apptune reports are generated from BMC IFCIDs, not Db2 IFCIDs.

    For more information on the DOMBRPT1 batch report program, refer to Chapter 2 of the MainView for Db2 Performance Reporter User Guide:

    For more information on the SMF dump program IFASMFDL, refer to IBM documentation for your version of z/OS: 
                      z/OS MVS > z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF) > Using the SMF dump programs > Using IFASMFDL - the SMF log stream dump program


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