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    There are so many PTF'S coming out for BMC Db2 12.1 release! Why? Is 12.1 stable or are there a lot of fixes needed?


    When IBM introduced the concept of Continuous Delivery in their Db2 12 release, we realized that BMC must also adopt Continuous Delivery to keep pace with the enhancements being delivered by IBM.  Until the BMC DB2 products deliver a new release, all enhancements will be provided with Small Programming Enhancements, also referred to as an SPE.

    An SPE may have more pre-requisites than a regular PTF because of the amount of changes needed to support the enhancement.   BMC will release a Technical Bulletin (TB) when an SPE is released with detailed information about the enhancements being added to the product.   Fixes to our products will continue to be delivered with PTFs.

    Since BMC does not have a regular release cycle of 18 – 24 months, you will see more PTFs in the maintenance listing.  These PTFs can be an SPE or a PTF that resolves a problem.  
    For the last couple of years, BMC delivered SPEs three times a year.  However, we have determined that twice a year will allow our development organization more time to provide enhancements and improve the quality of our products.  Beginning in 2020, we will provide SPEs twice a year, but continue to provide fixes as needed

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