Getting message BBWID021E Unexpected error, currScb is 7F3F4AE0-D found in MVE PAS SYSOUT

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    MainView Infrastructure


    After user logged on the MVE from a browser, user recycled the MVE address space. The message below was generated when user tried to open a new configuration
    BBWID021E Unexpected error, currScb is 7F3F4AE0-D 

    Ccb(7F19F678-MXP0005C) snum(49) from ip(xx.xx.xx.xx) not found 



    The user: userid from IP xx.xx.xx.xx was logged on successfully.  MVE continued to service and run. 


    There is a message displayed in user's desktop MVE window saying that MVE session was interrupted and user should close MVE session window and restart MVE session.  User ignored this popup error displayed and continued to open the configuration file.  Those generated these BBWID021E in MVE joblog.  There is no harm done besides the error showed up in the joblog.  This is not a defect and we might improve the MVE desktop code to prohibit the 'open configuration' in this 'mve is interrupted' condition. Thus BBWID021E won't show up in the joblog.


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