For some SRs, the Completion Date is earlier than Submit Date due to a Linux server out of sync with others in system time

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    BMC Service Request Management


    There is an intermittent issue that for certain SRs, Complete Date is even earlier than Submit Date. When checking same dates in corresponding backend application request (work order in the case), same issue exists there as well.


    By reviewing the affected SRs/Work Orders, it is confirmed Submit Date actually records the correct date/time of SR submission. So the issue is specific to the way how Complete Date is populated when Work Order is completed. 

    The Complete Date is populated automatically with system time of AR server when a work order is moved to Completed by assignee. When checking system time of AR server, it is found:
    - the environment is a server group containing 4 Linux boxes
    - cross checking system time of 4 servers finds that one of them is around 7 minutes behind others

    Customer claims NTP service is running on all servers. But it is obvious that the service is either not installed or not working properly on the affected server. When it is this server happens to accept the API call when a work order is completed, the reported issue may take place, given the work order is completed within 7 minutes of SR submission.

    An advice is provided to customer to synchronize system times among server group nodes. 

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