Adding value to the Term Conditions field in asset

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    Remedy Asset Management Application


    Remedy Asset Management Application


    How can I add extra values to the Term Condition fields in AST:AssetSoftware

    The AST:AssetSoftware form the Term Conditions (303570900/Database name:z1D_Termination_Conditions) is a display field. There is no overlay on the AST:AssetSoftware form.

    The CTR:ContractBase form the Termination Conditions (303555800/Database name: Termination conditions) has 7 value(s) defined.There is no overlay on the CTR:ContractBase form.

    30 Days
    60 Days
    90 Days
    1 Year
    2 Years
    3 Years
    5 Years
    ID Enumeration: Custom

    I need to add 4 Years to the selection value.


      Open the form SYS:Date Time Query Rules and add the following.
    Screen shot of SYS:Date Time Query Rules form

    Note: Verify that the Selection ID for 4 years on 
    CTR:ContractBase Is the same as the Menu Order value (example: 61)

    It then should show up for you in your AST form
    User-added image

    **IMPORTANT** These are locale specific – so if you need to use this in other languages you will need to create records for those locales and set the locale field

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