TS-Synthetic - Synthetic Metric Rules appear to be duplicated when upgrading from TS-Synthetic 10.7 or 11.0 to TS-Synthetic 11.3.01  (INCLUDES VIDEO)

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    When migrating from TS-Synthetic 10.7 or 11.0 to TS-Synthetic 11.3.01 why do the Synthetic Metric Rules (SMR's) create multiple copies?



    In TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) 11.3.01, new features have been introduced to the Synthetic Metric Rules (SMR).  Below are a few examples:

    •Ability to combine metrics in a single SMR 
    •Choose the violation frequency 
    •More choices for impacted locations 

    Due to this change: 
    •Application specific SMR's that contain both critical and minor event settings will be moved to unique SMR's.  T 
    •Rules that are modified or added during the upgrade, will have _minor or _critical added to the SMR name so that they clearly indicate what each rule represents. 
    •Out of the Box SMR's will not be duplicated.  Instead, the minor event settings will be dropped and only the critical events settings will be kept.  
    •The critical event settings will be converted to minor events. 

    See the attached video for more details and a demonstration. 


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