BMC Helix Remedyforce : How to Change the Owner of the NormalizationBatch Processor Job?

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    How to Change the Owner of the  NormalizationBatch Processor Job?



    This is an OOTB  scheduled job for the Remedyforce CMDB. 


    To change the owner of the scheduled job:
    1. Log into Remedyforce as Administrator.
    2. Click Remedyforce Administration tab .
    3. Select Configure CMDB 2.0 | Select General CMDB Settings. 
    4. In the section "Schedule Normalization Rules," Stop the Start the Normalization Process
    5. Go Setup | Scheduled Jobs.
    6.  Verify the owner of this job NormalizationBatchProcessor has updated to login user.


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