BCM: How to Stop or restrict Powershell running on all client Devices using BCM Prohibited Application Management

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Client Management 12.x


    How to Restrict Execution of Powershell or any other application using Prohibited application feature of BCM.



    • Go to Application Management.
    • Right Click Application Management Wizard.
    • It will open Introduction page -> Choose Configure a List of Applications to manage And Next 
    • Under Application List Provide Name as Powershell List and Type = "Prohibited Application" and choose source as Software Catalog.
       Select application  
    • Now add the Application by selecting the Icon of + Sign and then search for powershell.
       Add Application  
    • Click On Search Option and type Powershell. It will list out Windows PowerShell Application License Unit.
       Search PowerShell

    Choose Windows Powershell and Click on   User-added image to Add License Unit. then Click OK. 
    User-added image  
    • Now click Next and Assigned some devices to block the Powershell on them. And click Finish.
    And whenever Powershell gets executed on those assigned devices It will be blocked with following error message. 
    User-added image

    How to Hide the Above Prompt on all devices:  
    • Create Operational rule and Add steps called "Application Monitoring Module Setup".
    • Uncheck Popup Window After Application Termination.
    • And Now assigned this operational rule to all the devices (which are assigned to the prohibit application).
    Once assigned to all devices, it will modify the parameter and will not going to show the pop-up on user's screen once blocked. 

    If you would like to learn more about Prohibited application then here is a Doc Link  Click Here
    In case if you need any assistance then feel free to raise a ticket with BCM team. 


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