TSCO - Java-based ETL with SQL parameters fails when 1 parameter returns no rows

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO 11.3.01


    In a Java-based ETL (Generic - Database extractor (Java)) when using the SQL Parameter set, e.g. parameter binding, and one of the listed parameters returns no rows, there are 2 issues that occur. 

    1. If the parameter with an empty dataset is in any position other than the end, the ETL will stop execution and exit with an OK status. It will not populate any data and will not continue with the next parameter in the list. 
    2. If the parameter with an empty dataset is the last in the list, the ETL will also exit with an OK status and not populate any data extracted in the ETL.

    On below screenshot you can see the ETL configuration with the different parameters set:

    User-added image

    In this scenario the empty parameter is the last of the list, you can see from the logs is extracting data.

    But at the end of the execution even when is ending in OK is not populating the data.

    User-added image


    We have validate both scenarios reported and confirm this as defect, we have generated below tracking number:


    Fix will be available in CHF:

    You can find the latest CHF for Truesight Capacity Optimization 11.3.01 on below FTP link:

    Article Number:


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