Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Version 11
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    Below are the most popular public Knowledge Articles (most viewed) for last month.  This document will be updated monthly.


    000141872How to get and install or update the TSCO Capacity Views plugin for TrueSight Presentation Server - INCLUDES VIDEO
    000135233How to create a .csr certificate key to install a signed TLS certificate to TrueSight Capacity Optimization?
    000131326Common issues when placing an external jdbc jar file to connect to an external database in TSCO
    000120135How to install the Oracle client in TSCO
    000108584Tool which summarizes the results for all Gateway Servers (using General Manager), and gathers logs for nodes with collection errors
    000099787In TSCO, how do I gather the log files using log Grabber (LogGrabber)? INCLUDES VIDEO
    000099718How do I determine the patch level and version of a BMC Performance Assurance (aka Perform, BPA, BCO-EE, or TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway Server) agent or console?
    000097275In TSCO, Historical recovery is missing data. How to perform an historical recovery
    000097173TSCO Gateway Manager (BPA General Manager) Error codes and remediation suggestions
    000097159Cumulative Hot Fixes for TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO), TSCO Gateway Server, and TSCO Agent, and TSCO Perceiver
    000096578The Service Daemon is failing on Linux machines where access to the /etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny file is restricted to root
    000080173Installed TSCO Server, don't see the GeneralManagerServer process running
    000095675In TSCO an ETL or the TSCO Scheduler is terminating with a Program abnormally terminated [java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded] error
    000088805TSCO Near-real-time Warhouse reporting error: Out of partition sample found
    000032159VMware guest CPU utilization of a single virtual CPU guest may exceed 100% processor utilization
    000032141Debugging Service Daemon connection problems
    000032008How do I reconfigure TSCO to change environment parameters like Database host or password, RSSO or TSPS URL? - INCLUDES VIDEO
    000031667What network ports are required for the Gateway Server console managing console and remote agents to communicate?
    000030079In TSCO, what is the best way to clean up temporary files to reduce disk space consumption?  What is the recommended retention period in the File System Cleaner configuration for each of the various log and output directories?
    000026929In TSCO, what causes systems to appear in the Newly Discovered, Unassigned, and Dismissed systems lists?