Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Version 7
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    Below are the most popular public Knowledge Articles (most viewed) for last month.  This document will be updated monthly.



    Article #Title
    000107792Discussion of VMware/ESX memory utilization measures (Consumed vs. Active Memory)
    000099718How do I determine the patch level and version of a BMC Performance Assurance (aka Perform, BPA, BCO-EE, or TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway Server) agent or console?
    000097173TSCO Gateway Manager (BPA General Manager) Error codes and remediation suggestions
    000097159Cumulative Hot Fixes for TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO), TSCO Gateway Server, and TSCO Agent, and TSCO Perceiver
    000141872How to get and install or update the TSCO Capacity Views plugin for TrueSight Presentation Server - INCLUDES VIDEO
    000031236How should CPU utilization data collected for AIX SPLPAR machines by Perform be interpreted?
    000032141Debugging Service Daemon connection problems
    000095817BMC Performance Assurance/TrueSight Capacity Optimization release history
    000135233How to create a .csr certificate key to install a signed TLS certificate to TrueSight Capacity Optimization?
    000032008How do I reconfigure TSCO to change environment parameters like Database host or password, RSSO or TSPS URL?
    000096372Debugging high Perform bgscollect.exe CPU consumption on Windows
    000112536TSCO integration with vCenter 5.5u3 and vCenter 6: no data collected for Virtual Cluster
    000026929In TSCO, what causes systems to appear in the Newly Discovered, Unassigned, and Dismissed systems lists?
    000031515What are the steps necessary to fully configure HMC data collection and reporting in the TSCO Gateway Server (previously known as Performance Assurance) version 10, 9.xx, or 7.5.xx?
    000030552In TrueSight Capacity Optimization what triggers a 'BCO_ETL_WARN301: Service 101 has detected a problem in data saving into BCO.  Please verify service status.' error?
    000031761In TSCO, when is it required to use the 'Restore Relationships' button of the Hierarchy Rules?  What is necessary to restore the TSCO domain hierarchy in the workspace after a 'mass delete' of data from TSCO?
    000130506Gateway server status is showing offline UNKNOWN
    000097274In TSCO, How to fix errors ORA-12516 and ORA-12519
    000131326Common issues when placing an external jdbc jar file to connect to an external database in TSCO
    000099759How to make a "Physical to Virtual" Virtual Planner Scenario with hypothetical hosts
    000097039Request assistance with sizing a TSCO environment including the Application Server, ETL Engines, and Database servers
    000101132The startup scripts of the OS are not starting bgssd process on RHEL. (no bgssd or bgsagent running after server reboot).
    000097275In TSCO, Historical recovery is missing data. How to perform an historical recovery
    000106688How to debug Materialized SQL Views / SQL Data Marts
    000099787In TSCO, how do I gather the log files using log Grabber (LogGrabber)? INCLUDES VIDEO