How to configure Load Balancer between PATROL Agent and Integration Service?

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    PATROL Agent


    How to configure load balancer between Patrol Agent and Integration Service?


    Load Balancer can be configured between Patrol Agent and Integration service.

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      1.  Load Balancer details should be provided to PATROL Agent as IntegrationService variable  
      2.  Information on Primary and Secondary Integration Service should be configured in Load Balancer. 
      3.  Load Balancer will decide on the IS to connect to as per availability or as configured. 
      Load Balancer configuration with Extended Security:
      1.  Below property need to be set in pronet.conf file”LoadBalancerHostName” 
    Note: IS should be restarted to apply the property. 
      2. To configure Patrol Agent for Extended Security, please refer below link: 


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