RSSO integration with Smart IT and AR Server, user not able to login into developer studio, invalid username password.

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    RSSO integration with Smart IT, not able to connect to developer studio, invalid username password



    • Environment setup: One AR Admin server, two user facing AR servers and two Smart IT servers.     
      • AR Server and Smart IT using load balancer wherein the admin AR server is not part of load balancer.
    • When two user facing AR servers were integrated with RSSO, user was not able to login to Smart IT. Smart IT showed white screen and keeps on spinning.
    • When Admin AR server was integrated with RSSO, then Smart IT works fine however, user is not able to login to developer studio with his/her AD (active directory) credentials, getting Invalid password error.
    • Since this environment was using SAML authentication so password in "User" form was blank.



    SMT:Administration Console was pointing to Admin server.



    • It was identified that SMT:Administration Console was pointing to Admin server. 
    • When updating the Load Balancer name as part of troubleshooting the reported problem got resolved and started working even without integrating RSSO with Admin server.
    • User was also able to login to developer studio.


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