What's New in 19.05: BMC Helix Platform

Version 1
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    With 19.05, BMC Helix Platform enables new cognitive, UI and other enhanced functionality to bolster the overall BMC Helix solution as well as give developers powerful capabilities to enhance, extend and customize their apps.


    Cognitive Usage Dashboard


    Through IBM Watson Assistant, administrators can get details on usage metrics for both auto-classification, auto-assignment and chatbot applications.


    Cognitive Search in Custom Apps


    By using natural language query, custom applications can allow cognitive search capabilities across the BMC Helix Platform data and external data file systems and/or databases.


    Embedded Process Designer in App View


    Developers and business analysts can launch the process designer directly in the created application to create, modify, and manage processes and workflows without having to leave the app.


    For all the features and functionality for 19.05 release for BMC Helix Platform, click here.