What does PASDATA=YES mean

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    What does PASDATA=YES mean?


    When PASDATA=YES is specified the same enclave is used for trace offloading and for stats collection, even thought the SRB that is doing the stats collection runs in the PAS and the trace offload happens in the QMGR.
    The zIIP time associated with the QMGR should all be MVMQ unless you have other non-IBM products offloading to zIIP in MQ.
    You can see the offload times, by QMGR, in the QMFASTST view.
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    Setting up EXITOPT DD parameters (MQE53.STBASE.BBSAMP(EXITOPT))



    PASDATA specifies whether MQE data collection should be performed asynchronously in the product address space (PAS)  
    • NO - Data collection is performed synchronously and data is stored in the QMGR address space. For the PAS to access collected data, the data must be aggregated by the application or queue statistics collection process.
    • YES - Data collection is performed asynchronously in the PAS, which means data is collected only when the PAS is running. Also, data is collected in the same format as it is presented, which reduces the overhead of retrieval.
       The default value is YES.
    If you specify PASDATA=YES:  
    • You must ensure the MAXCADS value in IEASYSxx can support two common dataspaces per queue manager.
    • The ZIIP value is set to YES automatically.
    • The following statistics parameters are set automatically: STDYNACCUM=YES and STDYNAPPL=APPL
    • The following parameters are ignored: BPM, STALT*, STCNT, TROFFLOAD, TRTCNT, and TRTSIZE.


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