MVJE - Question on Configuring MainView for JAVA - How to override the default variables for JZOS

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    MainView for Java Environments


    MainView for Java Environments


       Looking at page 14 of the MainView for Java Environments, to specify the Java Batch Toolkit for z/OS (JZOS) environmental variables. It states, that if you want to make these the default variables for JZOS, set these values in /etc/profile. So how to create my own ZFS file modeled after our ETC and then mount it up   ? 



    If you don't want to place these variables in /etc/profile, the best option would be to simply create another script with the needed JZOS environment variables for your shop.  


    If you look at the IBM distributed JAVA libraries (JAVA_HOME/mvstools/samples/jcl) there are two files.  JVMPRCxx is the PROD that is run by JVMJCLxx (where xx is the java version).  The JVMJCL member runs the commands found in the //STDENV DD * .  


    You'll note that the first thing it does is to run . /etc/profile and afterwards it sets all of its particular environment variables.  One way to manage this shop wide without meddling with /etc/profile would be to do the following:


     1. create a new script anywhere (a new filesystem or just create a /etc/mje_profile) and place all of the statements AFTER the . /etc/profile statement  into the new script


    2. create a member in a PDS that has the following two statements:


       . /etc/profile


       . /etc/mje_profile


    3. create a new proc modeled after the JVMPRCxx sample mentioned earlier


    4. change the commented //*STDENV DD * to point to the member created in step 2


    5. remove any STDENV references from the specific batch jobs or servers that run and change them to point to the new prod created in step 3.


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