SQL Performance for Db2 Workload Index Advisor

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    SQL Performance for DB2


    Performance for Db2 SQL


    What is the SQL Performance for Db2 Workload Index Advisor and what is it used for?



    The Workload Index Advisor component helps you create the correct indexes to minimize the cost of running a set of SQL statements.

    The Workload Index Advisor uses the Explain capability to extract and Explain the SQL from a user-defined workload; the component then analyzes the indexes to provide estimated costs and recommendations for additional indexes. Workload Index Advisor then validates the results by testing the recommendations with virtual indexes.

    Index Advisor can gather workload data from the following sources:
    ■ APPTUNE archived trace data sets
    ■ BMC Performance Database
    ■ DB2 catalog
    ■ Statement CACHE
    ■ DBRM libraries
    ■ SQL text data sets

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